FlyingAnt Server - Download Example Framework

There are two options for downloading the example framework. They both contain the same base content so you will probably only want to download one of them. They are compatible with search index files produced with V6 of Zoom.

Content Only

A zip file containing the contents of the example framework. Choose this if you want to quickly get to the example files. In order to burn this as a multi-platform CD you will need to follow the instructions here.

Download Zip Version 1.0 Build 1012 (783 KB)

Cross-platform ISO

A ready to burn ISO containing the Example Framework. Choose this if you want to see FlyingAnt server in action and how it works on different platforms. You can still access all the files however you need to burn the ISO to disc first.

Download ISO Version 1.0 Build 1012 (775 KB)


Old Framework downloads

If you are using the old release of V5 of Zoom and want to use FlyingAnt then you should download this older V1.0 build 1004 release of the Framework. Which was compatible with V5 of Zoom.