FlyingAnt Server - Examples

We have created a number of downloadable examples to showcase FlyingAnt server.

FlyingAnt Example FrameworkFlyingAnt Example Framework

A small working example of FlyingAnt in action, consists of only a few example pages and is therefore a relatively small download. Download Page.

World Fact BookThe CIA World Factbook

We have produced an FlyingAnt example CD featuring content from the 2007 CIA World Factbook. It can be downloaded as a burnable ISO file here.

FlyingAnt Server - References

These publications have made use of FlyingAnt Server.

National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI)

National Cancer Research Institure (NCRI)Using the FlyingAnt Server, the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) has created a searchable DVD containing approximately 1000 scientific abstracts. The DVD will be made available to over 2000 delegates at the NCRI cancer conference in 2010.

Dr. Dobb's Developer Library

Dr Dobb's DVDThe DDJ Developer Library DVD-ROM contains
articles from Dr. Dobb's Journal from January 1988
through December 2007, articles from C/C++ Users Journal
from January 1990 through February 2006 and articles
from The Perl Journal from November 2002 through April
2005. Over 25,000 articles searchable on DVD.

NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency

NATO Ammunition DBA compilation of interactive technical manuals used by technicians to perform the maintenance of complex electronical and electro-mechanical equipments. Over 12,000 in documents in total.


Advanced Sensor Tech. CD Product Catalog

NATO Ammunition DBThe Jan 2008 release of the ASTI Product Catalog makes use of FlyingAnt and Zoom to allow their customers to search their 1000+ page product catalog on CD on Windows Mac and Linux. [Available as a ISO download]