FlyingAnt Server - Burning the CD / DVD

If you do not need Linux or Mac OSX support then this ISO creation step can be skipped.

To create a CD with FlyingAnt server that works on multiple platforms it is necessary to set Unix file permissions on the disc. To do this the disc must be written with additional Rock Ridge information. Unfortunately there are very few applications available to do this. We recommend using mkisofs to generate an ISO image file and then burning that file to a disc. mkisofs comes with most Linux distributions however a Windows version can be found here.

There are numerous options available in mkisofs however a basic example of the minimum needed to create a multi-platform FlyingAnt CD is below;

mkisofs.exe -V "FlyingAnt CD" -J -r -o FlyingAnt.iso "C:\Work\CD\."

This can be typed into DOS or the options can be placed into a shortcut.

  • -V "FlyingAnt CD"
    Specifies the name of the CD, this field should be able to store 32 characters however Windows and OSX will truncate the name to 16 so it is a good idea to not use any more than that.
  • -J
    Add a Joliet file system for Windows.
  • -r
    Add Rock Ridge file system for Linux and OSX. This is important as this tag will also set the execute permissions on all files. Without this end users will not be run anything on the disc, and therefore FlyingAnt server will not be able to start.
  • -o FlyingAnt.iso
    The file name to output the ISO into.
  • "C:\Work\CD\."
    The last input, after all the tags, is where the files to make the iso are located. This should be a path to a folder containing the CD contents. It is important to add "\." at the end of the path as this tells mkisofs to get all of the files and folders within the path specified. In this example will make an iso of everything in the folder "C:\Work\CD".

Once the ISO has been created you will need to burn it. Most burning packages should be capable of burning an ISO file to disc.

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