FlyingAnt Server - CD Icon and Auto-start

There are a number of files in the root directory of the example framework. These files serve multiple purposes but all are there to make the end-users experience as easy as possible.

Files you are likely to want to change

Standard windows autorun definition. The file in the example framework specifies to run the win32 server executable and sets the icon to be displayed for the CD. You will want to either change the icon file to point to your own icon or remove it so there is no icon at all. You can edit this file with a text editor.

The icon specified in autorun.inf that will be used on windows platforms. You should replace this with an icon file of your own. You may also choose not to use an icon.

This is a basic readme file. A properly presented CD should have one of these containing information about the CD and instructions on using it. You may wish to simply edit the framework readme.txt, which already contains relevant usage instructions.

Other Files in the Directory

None of these files below need modification but a description of their functionality is included below.
Some Linux setups will automatically execute this shell script upon CD insertion. The purpose of this script is to first launch the linux FlyingAnt executable then find an installed web browser and launch it with the homepage. The homepage is defined in the Linux flyingant.conf file.

This script simply runs It is placed here as an obvious start point for the user if the CD does not autorun on their particular linux distrobution or if they want to start the server again after shutting it down.

Start Mac
This will appear as a folder rather than a file on other platforms, but on Mac OSX, it will appear as an executable. OSX has no autostart functionality and user will need to run this app to launch FlyingAnt server and their Web Browser. Like the Linux this app gets the homepage from the OSX flyingant.conf file.

You can edit this using the AppleScript Script Editor. This allows you to change the delay between when FlyingAnt starts and when the browser is launched, which can be important if you find that the browser is loading faster than FlyingAnt on your machine. Click here for a screenshot of where to edit in this script.

Start Windows.exe
Like Start Linux except for windows. This executable reads the value of the "open" tag from autorun.inf (which should point to the Windows FlyingAnt executable) and executes it.

Stops the server on linux systems. Many Linux distributions will not allow the CD to be ejected whilst an executable is running from it. It also may not be clear to the end user what executable is running. This gives the user an easy way to stop it.

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