FlyingAnt Server - Getting Started

To begin using FlyingAnt Server first download the example framework. This is a small but functional example of the recommended way to set up your CD. From this framework you should be able to create your own searchable website on CD, however a few things need to be tweaked in order to accomplish this.

Replacing example content and Zoom index files

In the Website folder are a few sample pages and folders. This is where you will need to pace your own content and this folder will act as the root of the web server.

The Zoom folder contains the index files and search executables needed to search the contents of the disc. The files in this directory should be,

  • search_linux.cgi
  • search_osx.cgi
  • search_template.html
  • search_win32.cgi
  • settings.zdat
  • zoom_dictionary.zdat
  • zoom_pagedata.zdat
  • zoom_pageinfo.zdat
  • zoom_pagetext.zdat
  • zoom_wordmap.zdat

If you place the search cgi's in a location other then the one specified above you will need to alter all the config files to refrence the new location.

You will need to recreate the index files using Zoom Search Engine in order to search your documents in the website folder. When indexing your setup should look something like this. Note that the file list above and screen shots below vary slightly between V5 and V6 of Zoom.

When selecting the CGI radio button it does not matter which platform you choose.

Note that some of these details may change if you alter the example configuration as described here.

Once all this is done you can test your website with FlyingAnt Server from your hard-disk by running the appropriate executable from the CD folder (ie. "Start Windows.exe"). To test the search functionality browse to "http://localhost:8091/zoom/search.cgi".

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