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Minor Issue and Enhancement Request

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  • Minor Issue and Enhancement Request

    In the configuration settings for categories, can you have any spaces in the configuration highlighted in the display box? I have a categorization that would not work. After investigating, I have space after the semicolon before the wildcard asterisk. Placing an indicator or a pop up that your categories include a space would be helpful.

    The requirement that synonyms be one word is very limiting. I run an automotive forum with British, Australian and US English. Yes, all three are different languages. We have many two word synonyms related to parts. i.e. spindle arm = steering arm, sill panel = rocker panel, thrust bearing = throw-out bearing. Allowing multi-word synonyms would be helpful.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I think it is unlikely we'll be supporting phrase synonyms. The index used by the engine is word based. So it would be hard to implement. Better approach would be to include these alternative phrases into the page meta data.
    <meta name="ZOOMWORDS" content="spindle arm steering arm">


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      Ann additional feature request:

      In the log section, can you create a checkbox to see only "Identical CRC signature matched"?

      In performance tuning, many times these can be skipped with a URL signature, but it is challenging to search through the skipped logs and only see the CRC items.


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        Save the log to a text file, then filter the lines of interest using,
        - Use a good text editor (e.g. UltraEdit) OR
        - Grep OR
        - Select-String in Powershell