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  • Results Layout: Highlighting options: Words matched in search results

    Has anyone encountered issues with highlighting of matched keywords in search results? Just noticed the absence of highlighting in my v8 results, despite the option being enabled in the configuration, and working as expected in v7.

    Tested with most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge, and Opera, in Windows 10.

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    We haven't encountered any problem with this, nor has there been much changed with the option.

    Check your search template CSS to make sure "highlight" class is specified. Also check if your other CSS is using the same class name. Chrome's "Inspect" function is good for this.

    If the search page is accessible online, provide us with the URL and we can take a look.

    If not, would also help if you can confirm the platform option (PHP, ASP, CGI, etc.)
    Wrensoft Web Software
    Sydney, Australia
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      Unfortunately our search page is not accessible.
      Search templates all have the .highlight class specified, nothing has changed in that respect.
      Platform is ASP.NET
      Thanks for the tip about the possible conflict with other highlight classes. We'll look into that.


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        False alert: turns out the syntax for one of our custom CSS classes, positioned just before the standard highlight class in the template, was broken, and was preventing the highlight class from being interpreted correctly by browsers.

        Sorry about that.