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  • Category name length

    There appears to be a new limitation to the length of category names, compared to v7, which allowed longer names.

    I discovered this after editing a v7 pattern for a category in the dialog box, and got an error message when I clicked OK: "Category name too long. The category name you have entered is too long."

    Apparently the name field cannot exceed 51 characters. My v7 category name was 52 characters long. But perhaps the limitation existed in the v7 GUI as well? I no longer have v7 installed on this machine.

    I could not find any info in the v8 help system about such limitations. For users who edit categories outside of the Zoom Search GUI, would it be possible to document max len for strings for fields in this dialog, please?
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    The category name was always limited to 50 characters in length, in V7 as well as V8.

    Category description length is limited to 1000 characters.

    Category pattern is limited to 2084 characters.

    Yes, it would be helpful to have all this documented for end users. Some documentation used to exist in the SDK for such purposes but that has been discontinued. We'll keep it in mind.
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      Thanks for the clarification, Ray.