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How about WebDAV support?

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  • How about WebDAV support?

    It is laudable that Zoom supports FTP, but our current web platform does not. In fact, it seems that many platforms are giving up on FTP support for security reasons. Instead, our platform supports WebDAV. It would be a great convenience if Zoom would do so as well. What are the chances of getting WebDAV support in Zoom?

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    We are not aware of any security problems with secure FTP (and I am sure they would be fixed pretty quick if there was). FTP has been around for 30+ years and is the universal standard for file transfers. Zoom support both SFTP, FTPS & plain FTP.

    We have no plans to support WebDAV at this time. If it becomes popular we'll have a look at it.


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      Too bad. I don't think we can convince Wild Apricot to resume support for FTP. WebDAV *is* already popular, although I suspect that FTP is still more so for website maintenance.