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Is it safe to install new version over old one?

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  • Is it safe to install new version over old one?

    When I clicked "Check for new version" in my Build 1004 installation, it took me to the website, where I discovered and downloaded Build 1007. When I run the downloaded installer, it defaults (as expected) to the directory where Build 1004 is installed. However, at the next step, it displays a warning that the folder already exists and asks "Would you like to install to that folder anyway?" Is there any risk in doing so? Will my license be preserved? I didn't find any information on the recommended update procedure in the user manual, in the FAQ or in the forum.

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    Yes, it's safe to install into the same folder. Your license will be maintained.

    The next prompt will likely be that the "zoom.zcfg" file in that folder already exists and if you want to overwrite it with the factory default configuration.

    If this is the config file you are using to save your config, then click "No" to the prompt.

    If however, you are either saving your configuration in another file, or you wish to revert this particular file to the factory default, then click "Yes".

    This could be made clearer on our website, I'll put it on our list of things to do.
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