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Zoom Indexer will not load when using a VPN

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  • Zoom Indexer will not load when using a VPN

    I work at home using a VPN. Zoom V8 is installed on my local PC. The PC is connected over my home WiFi to corporate servers via a VPN. The Zoom indexer will not load when the VPN is in use. I need to use the VPN with the indexer because the files I'm indexing are on the corporate server. Zoom seems to load fine when connected to my office WiFi...with no VPN.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem? I've discussed it with our company IT folks, and they have tried a couple of things...looking at the registry and for any lingering pieces of Zoom V7 code that might be on my system, but so far, no solutions. This is a pretty critical problem because our users rely on the search engine, and soon I will not be working in my office at all. Any help or suggestions, much appreciated.

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    Zoom indexer will not load
    Is there an error message of some sort?

    Normally a VPN will just add some network share and maybe some networked printers. None of which should stop Zoom loading.


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      I can't tell. Clicking Zoom, does not open it. Mousing over Z icon displays a tiny panel (below). Can't read it. Too small. I call in my configuration files, so no initial configuration.
      I have a V8 license, but our IT had me reinstall to c if that would help. It didn't. I haven't pasted in the license yet.


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        Will email image of tiny error panel if I cannot get it to attach.