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Feature request: export categories

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  • Feature request: export categories

    The ability to export categories was a wish list item for v. 7, could it be added to v. 8 as well, please?

    It would certainly save me a lot of trouble having to copy categories from one particular config, file, reformat them to suit the one-category-per line, comma-separated import file format, globally edit the file, create new entries, consolidate entries from several such files, remove duplicates, etc., then import it into the same or another config file.

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    Noted your request and its on our list of things to consider.

    Have you also considered making a copy of the .zcfg file (with the categories you want), and then editing all the other settings in that configuration to suit your second config. Instead of starting with a fresh .zcfg file.
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      Greetings Ray,

      Thanks for the tip. Yes I have done that, too, and while it's certainly workable, it's more of a pain when having to change ordering of entries, both at the category level, and because of . The exported one-line-per-entry file facilitates this sort of manipulation, as well as making it easier to parse visually, at least for me.