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Scheduling Zoom Search tasks

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  • Scheduling Zoom Search tasks

    It seems that in version 8 the scheduling task creation function has been deleted, do you confirm?

    Anyway, I have a problem: tasks created in Windows 10 start at the correct time. Zoom Indexer starts also, but stops immediately and closes.

    If I manually start the same configuration that should start with the Windows task, it starts and is completed.

    The tasks currently set in the Windows scheduler task are the same as those created by the old function that was present in the previous version of Zoom Search Engine, v7. Could this be the question? Maybe some parameters are no longer valid?


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    Yes, we've discontinued Zoom's built-in scheduling function.

    This was always just a simplified front-end to Windows' own Scheduled Tasks and it was proving to be cumbersome to constantly update/change our front-end to match Windows' changes. It was really just more effective to instruct users how to use the Windows Scheduled Task itself.

    We hope to update our documentation soon with more step by step instructions on this. In the meantime, you can reference the myriad of documentation on Windows 10's Scheduled Task feature online.

    Having said that, let's check the following:
    1) Is the problematic task created by Zoom's V7 scheduler, or did you re-create the task in Win10's scheduler using the same settings?
    2) What user account is the scheduled task running under? You need to specify a user in Win10 for the task and it is no longer optional to omit this.
    3) Make sure you're using the same command-line parameters. For example, "-s" for spider mode, and "-o" for offline mode.
    More information on command-line parameters here
    4) Setup your indexer configuration to write to an indexlog file ("Configure"->"Index log"->"Save index log to disk"). Then you can see if Zoom has any error messages when it runs as a scheduled task and quits immediately. For example, sometimes it's just a typo with the config file path.
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      Thanks Ray, for the tips.
      However, these are not new tasks, but those created previously when we used v7.

      Now we will study the parameters and logsbetter.

      Just to inform you. We have noticed that by opening the Windows 10 app scheduler the "Configure for..." drop-down menu (translation of "Configura per..." in Italian, sorry I don't know how it appears in the English version) is set to the value Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows 2000 and the task ends immediately after startup. If we apply Windows 10 it no longer starts completely.


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        New update. I solved partially empirically. I found a fully functional task, exported it, modified the "Arguments" tag in the xml file and then reimported it.

        But three tasks don't work yet, so I'm assuming a problem with the configuration file.

        I opened one, when I tried to export the recommended links Zoom Indexer crashes. The version is 8.0 build 1010.


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          Sounds like a bug. Can you email us your ZCFG file and the steps to reproduce the crash and we'll investigate further.
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          Sydney, Australia
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