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  • Linux support

    I didn't get. Does zoom work in Linux?

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    There are two parts to the software. The indexer and the search scripts.

    You need to run the indexer at least once to create a set of index file. The search script is run each time there is a search performed on the web site.

    The indexer is Windows only software. However once you have made a set of index files you can run the scripts on just about any machine. Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac, etc...

    So people with Linux and Unix servers (including ourselves) create an index on their desktop PC and upload the index files to the server on a periodic basis. The indexing and uploading can be scheduled from your desktop to happen automatically.

    People with a Windows server that they control have the choice. Create the index directly on the server itself or create it locally & upload.



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      I would like to ask if something changed about this topic. Specifically we need an indexer for Freebsd (Unix). We have Zoom Search Engine Enterprise. Is there any option for us? Anyone tried running indexer under wine?

      Thank you for answer.


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        We are working on a Linux version of the engine at the moment. It will be available as part of the Zoom V8 release.

        A beta should be available in about a month, Sept 2012. Initially the beta might just be the basic indexing functionality, but we'll built on it, so that it matches the Windows functionality.

        As our own web server is running BSD so we'll have to make sure it works both on Linux and BSD.