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77 files and it quits

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  • 77 files and it quits

    movement movement movement movement
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    I assume you do actually have more than 77 html files on your site?

    You should turn on Verbose mode and then check the log file for error messages or warning messages.

    Also have a read of these FAQ pages,

    Q. Why are some of my pages being skipped by the indexer?
    Q. Why are links in my Javascript menus being skipped?
    Q. I am indexing with spider mode but it is not finding all the pages on my web site

    If you still have a problem, please save your indexing log and E-mail it to us. Plus give us details of what pages you expected to be indexed but weren't.

    Whn you say 'quits' do you mean it crashed? Or do you mean it stopped indexing becuase it thought it had finished doing its job?


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      As David said, see the FAQs above, and follow his instructions. Something must have changed on your site if it was previously indexing in its entirety (or your indexing configuration has changed, which you implied as well). It is most likely that if you are using spider mode, the links to the rest of your site can not be found for one or more of the reasons mentioned in the FAQs.
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