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  • Javascript - highlight

    I got everything working in Danish, can search after our 3 special characters and so on.

    The only thing missing are Javascript highlight when search words containing any of the 3 special characters.

    I found this on your site:

    "There are known issues with highlighting and jumping to words containing some foreign characters such as those exclusive to the windows-1250 charset. This is only a problem for a small set of accent and diacritic characters (most notably ones used in the Croatian language, many other accent/diacritic characters work fine)."

    Are this issue solved - are there a workarround, or?

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    No, this issue remains due in part to the technical limitations of Javascript. It is also low on our priority to investigate alternative implementations since the demand is relatively low and minor. I should point out to others that the highlighting mentioned here is the Javascript jump-to-highlighting script. The highlighting within the search results page should work without problem.

    We will probably have to revisit this sometime in the future and investigate different implementations (we don't know at the moment whether a practical solution exists at all though for the technical problems in JS). We've noted your concern, and it's priority will be increased should there be more people requiring this. As is the case with supporting multiple languages, the tricky part is getting it to work for all languages, and not just for any specific one.
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      I wish Wrensoft would not minimize the highlighting javascript issue. Most companies will give more weight to an issue if a customer contacts them. In other words, for every 1 customer that takes the time to contact you, I would give it a weight of 20 or more customers that are dealing with the same situation, but gave up or didn't contact you.

      Personally, the jump to and highlight is very important to me with my search engines. I believe if it worked better in an environment with multiple scripts (javascripts) and consistantly, I believe more people would use it.

      Is it not possible to consult with another javascript expert? I actually tried to e-mail the original person who wrote the javascript but received no response. Considering you are getting customers based on this being one of the features to your program, I would think you could spend some money on consultation to get it to work better. That's my personal opinion, as a business owner.


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        If it was easy to fix we would have already fixed it. It is a major challenge to have any any software working correctly for all international languages and doubly so for Javascript. Which is an exceptionally poor programming language. Anyway, I thought we fixed your problem with Javascript Koine Greek in UTF-8 encoding ?

        For your issue of inter-working with other scripts. This really isn't our problem. If you choose to collect a whole bunch of Javascript from different companies and put them onto a single page, then you have to take responsibility for inter-working and integration. But we are aware of hardly anyone who followed our installation suggestions and still had a problem.