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Ordered 6 hours ago and no email confirmation

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  • Ordered 6 hours ago and no email confirmation

    I've received no emails confirming my purchase today. If you take 24 hours to check credit cards - the least you could do is send an email confirming that the purchase request was received.

    I order online almost every week and I NEVER have to wait this long or send this many emails to get a response.

    I'm very disappointed in the Wrensoft customer service.

    I've sent emails concerning this to Plimus and Wrensoft

    Right after I purchased I received a web page saying I would be sent an email in MINUTES. Since then I've been checking my email and my spam filters and wasting my time waiting for a response.

    There are no directions anywhere on your site about what email address to whitelist.

    Really - I'm so disappointed and I hope finally by coming to the forum I can get a response.

    BTW - my forum registration email was accepted in seconds - so I don't think this is a spam issue - it's a customer service issue.

    I highly recommend you send an email to purchasers that their order was received but that their credit is being checked. And note - my credit is perfect.

    Please advise asap so I can tell my boss why this is taking so long.


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    I've checked the log and it reports that an email was sent to the email address you specified in the order on 19 Dec 2006. I'm not sure what went wrong, but I do apologise for the delay.

    I will resend it and also send the User Name and License in a separate email from myself.



    Edit: Both emails sent 1:10pm Sydney time
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      Thank you for quick response

      Thank you so much for your quick response as I have now received emails confirming my purchase.

      Excellent fast response once you knew I was having trouble.

      Not so happy with - but Wrensoft is great.

      Thanks! April


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        I still think it is possible that the problem was related to spam filtering. Spam filters often reject E-mail based on the E-Mail content and not just based on the domain name. So getting one E-mail is not always a reilable indication that you'll get everything.

        For others, you should white list, and