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Version 4.0 released!

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  • Version 4.0 released!

    We're proud to announce that Zoom Search Engine Version 4.0 is released, and we've included a large number of features that users have requested since Version 3.1, along with many improvements in performance, efficiency and usability.

    Some of the big new features are:
    - Multi-threaded downloading for spider mode indexing, which significantly increases the speed of indexing.
    - User option to sort results by date or relevance
    - Spelling suggestions when a user enters a search word that is not found
    - Built-in FTP uploading: you no longer need to manually upload your files after each indexing. Zoom can now do this for you.
    - Built-in scheduler: schedule Zoom to automatically index, FTP, or generate reports on a regular basis
    - Shockwave Flash and Flashpaper support - index flash-based sites!
    - Reduced memory usage, indexing much larger sites is now possible

    And much, much more. You can read about the other new features on this page:

    Be sure to get the updated PDF Users Guide from: