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    I just test-indexed my fairly large (20,000+ pages) site, uploaded all files, and tried a few search terms. No results show up at all; no warning message about 'not found', just nothing beyond the search form reloaded. My index is very large, but there's no indication that that is the issue here. There's just no results showing for any search term. My search.php page is at

    How can I track down the problem here?

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    Apache might be killing your script before it completes execution.

    Sounds like the problem is caused by this Apache/PHP configuration issues.


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      Yup! That was the problem. Thanks for pointing me to that thread, it was most informative - sorry I missed it when searching through the forums earlier.

      I ran the test script from that thread, and it initially gave no results at all. I added this line:

      ini_set('memory_limit', '32M');
      at the top of the script, and this time it reached 460000 before terminating abruptly.

      The funny thing is, I'm on a dedicated server, not a shared one where you might expect problems of this sort. I'll get my tech fellow to have a look. Thanks for your help.