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    We are developing a website in ASP .Net, and we implemented the Zoom search engine. V5.1 (1011) Enterprise Edition

    Since the documents wich we need to search are in different languages, like portuguese, english, etc, we settled the option for Enable accents on and works fine. He search for the words with accent or not, and display the results.

    The problem is that he only highlights on the results the searched words with no accentuation. All the words with accents are not highlighted.

    Is there any option wich we need to set in order to highlight the searched words with accents?



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    This is a known limitation of the current implementation of the highlighting feature (see the "Known Issues" section on our International Languages page and Users Guide). The highlighting option will not highlight the equivalent (but different) matched word when accent insensitivity is enabled.

    We are looking at some improvements in this area for the next major release (V6). There is no set date for V6 at this point as it is still in early development.
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