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Zoom 5 and SharePoint 2007

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  • Zoom 5 and SharePoint 2007

    Using Zoom 5, i'm unable to spider my SharePoint 2007 site.
    I have a non-sharepoint site that i can spider successfully.
    But for my SharePoint site, i get these entries in the Index log:

    01/16/08 14:44:22 - Config file loaded: C:\Program Files\Zoom Search Engine 5.0\Iowa-SharePoint-Devel-BrokenLinks-2008.zcfg
    01/16/08 14:44:24 - Start indexing (spider mode)
    01/16/08 14:44:25 - Spidering for links on

    01/16/08 14:44:25 - Queued URL: 6oENya4ZGJbLUnVKHHBbs2XH_zE7eFZGJUEcfhoh6PnEgyIZ3S cqEjYdRMvfsMP1kz3lc_0mGO-uK7anLJZxJitpCIe_BXCbn4RP-DLfGL-jV47b_IqsN77A7xVgoiFun3K_v7aatuAF_szcR24677mH_4fnZ QfbvQcuxxeCiF4qquL4OLosDU8QFCcUxtpqSySYgQouFx8PNTJ YFSk4c-1lhN9Y.,YT0xO0w9SGVhbHRoIENhcmU7Uj0xO1M9TSM.

    01/16/08 14:44:25 - Queued URL: a4ZGJbLUnVKHHBbs2XH_zE7eFZGJUEcfhoh6PnEgyIZ3ScqEjY dRMvfsMP1kz3lc_0mGO-uK7anLJZxJitpCIe_BXCbn4RP-DLfGL-jV47b_IqsN77A7xVgoiFun3K_v7aatuAF_szcR24677mH_4fnZ QfbvQcuxxeCiF4qquL4OLosDU8QFCcUxtpqSySYgQouFx8PNTJ YFSk4c-1lhN9Y.,YT0xO0w9SGVhbHRoO1I9MjtTPW8jLSMzZw..

    01/16/08 14:44:25 - Queued URL: Nya4ZGJbLUnVKHHBbs2XH_zE7eFZGJUEcfhoh6PnEgyIZ3ScqE jYdRMvfsMP1kz3lc_0mGO-uK7anLJZxJitpCIe_BXCbn4RP-DLfGL-jV47b_IqsN77A7xVgoiFun3K_v7aatuAF_szcR24677mH_4fnZ QfbvQcuxxeCiF4qquL4OLosDU8QFCcUxtpqSySYgQouFx8PNTJ YFSk4c-1lhN9Y.,YT0xO0w9TWVkaWNpbmU7Uj03O1M9byMtIzNn
    This format repeats throughout the file.
    I'm not sure why Zoom write URLs out with the .org/index.asp?sid=... format.

    (Note: the site url listed above is on a private network, so you won't be able to bring it up.)
    I can send the results from Zoom for both my SharePoint (non-working) site, and my non-SharePoint(working) site, if that will help.

    Thanks for your help.
    Bob Hangsterfer

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    It's not Zoom that's writing out the URLs in that format, it's SharePoint that's giving those URLs when the Zoom Spider requests a page.

    The "sid=d9a000d87...etc." part appears to be a session ID. This is usually utilized by an ASP page when it requires session tracking (or authentication) and cookies are not available. So the first thing to try is enabling cookie support in Zoom (under the "Authentication" tab of the Configuration window).

    If your site does require a user login or password to access, you should also take a look at this FAQ:
    Q. How do I index protected parts of my website requiring user authentication?
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    Sydney, Australia
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      Thanks for your clear explanation Ray.
      I'll give that a try, then post on the results.
      Bob Hangsterfer