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  • FTP

    Hey guys i have no idea what FTP is and can i not use FTP and upload the files on my own and if so how do i do that??? please email me the answer or write it here please!!

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    Uploading ZOOM files to remote server

    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is language two computers use to communicate with each other and to exchange data.
    You can use FTP (it is most usuall) but you may communicate with your server on some other way.
    You see when you index your site with ZOOM indexer you first produce index files and store them on you computer localy. Then, you have to pass the files to the server where you have you web page placed to alow visitors to search the pages. In most cases you will use FTP to pass (to upload) the files to the server. Before conecting to the remote server, you have to know the user name and password for the server. Maybe you can consult the server admin if you have any further question. You upload ZOOM files on the same way you upload other html, php, asp or other WEB files to your remote server.
    On the other hand, you may be connected through local/network like I do. In that case you don't have to use FTP; Windows file Explorer is enough.

    Hope I helped a little.