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modifying search script source code (CGI)

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  • modifying search script source code (CGI)


    I would like to try to modify the source code (of the cgi platform) but i can't do it, cause the file "Linux_search.cgi" is not understandable (encrypted) in contrast to the other platform files (PHP, ASP) which you can modify easily ...

    ... it this the case because I'am using the Free Edition or the file comes encrypted also with the Professional Edition?

    Thanks a lot.

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    You can not modify the CGI because it is a compiled binary executable. It is written in C/C++ (like the Indexer itself) and that is why it has such a performance gain over the PHP and ASP alternatives. It is not a Perl script, and it is not 'encrypted'. For a more detailed explanation, see:

    Because of this, we have designed it so that it is generally not required to modify the script (or source code) for most customizations. For example, you can use the language files to modify the text that is displayed by the search page, and you can radically modify the layout with some clever CSS.

    What were you hoping to change in the source? Perhaps we can give you some tips about an alternative way to achieve this without having to modify the code.
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      Ray - thanks for your answer;

      We were hoping to modify the search string (if thats what it's called) ... the URL/text visible at the adress bar which now looks something like oom_and=0&zoom_sort=0
      and translate/remove those words if possible, since the site is gonna be in an another language ...

      ... at the Results Layout tab, when you turn on the 'Context description' option it shows body/content text (good thing), but if the page that's being indexed does not have any body text, it shows/makes visible the keywords of that page (which is not that good).


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        There is no way to change this particular behaviour in the CGI without us doing a small amount of custom development on the C++ code and recompiling it to make a new binary.

        Of course adding some content that contained the key words in question, on the pages that have no content, would solve half of your problem.



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          removing all the extra params in url from cgi search

          I think I have an answer to your problem.

          Replace the following line in your search_template.html file

          with this

          <form method="Post" action="/cgi-bin/us/search.cgi" class="zoom_searchform">


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            changing cgi url

            If you want to go even further you could use isapi_rewrite lite to change your /cgi-bin/search.cgi url to something like /search.html.

            Below are the contents of my httpd.ini config file for isapi_rewrite that will accomplish this. (Note : If you are logging in IIS it will log "search.cgi", not search.html)

            RewriteRule /search.jhtml /cgi-bin/us/search.cgi


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              Remove &quot;All&quot; category from CGI search

              I would like to remove the "All" category from the CGI script. I have several other categories defined on the Categories page, and I don't want the "All" option to show in the pulldown.

              I was told by tech support that I would have to write a custom HTML search form to do that. But I don't want to move away from the CGI script - it is very fast (as stated in one of the earlier posts).

              I wish there was just an option on the Category page to disable the "All" selection, if other categories are defined. I submitted a feature request for that. Hopefully, the Zoom folks will implement that in a future version.


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                Just define your own search form. See,