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translated synonyms not importing

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  • translated synonyms not importing

    We have 18 languages that we provide our documentation in, and when I try to import the list of synonyms into each language configuration, it says it imports only one word (which is bogus and has no synonym along with). It works for Danish and English but not for any of our other languages.

    I had our translation vendors fix the TXT files so that there were no "short phrases" in the file, along with no extra spaces anywhere, etc. but they still do not want to import into the configuration. Is there anything else I can try? I can't see anything wrong with these files- each term is on a new line, etc. Is it OK for the synonym TXT file to use degree symbols, slashes, accents, micro symbols, etc? Are there any other characters that might cause the file to fail on import?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    I have figured out that there was an extra "return" at the end of the file -- not sure that was the cause. But I also figured out that the TXT file was not saved to the appropriate UTF8, ANSI, etc. so that is why they were not importing.



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      UPDATE, still issues

      Hi Everyone,

      Some of my languages are not working still. Sometimes the synonym import doesn't hold after I save the configuration. Any idea why? The synonyms are not listed in the configuration, even though I know I saved the updated config.

      Also, sometimes it seems like it loses some of the synonyms imported into the config. It imported 44, but then only maybe 10 show up in the list when I go to open the config again. What's the deal?

      Does zoomsearch 5.0 support languages like Korean, Japanese, and Chinese for synonyms? Even though these are saved as Unicode TXT files, I cannot get them to import.


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        V5 only supported importing of ANSI text files for synonyms. Files in non-ANSI encodings are not supported.

        V6 supports importing and exporting of synonyms (and recommended links) in the same encoding as that which is specified on the "Languages" panel. So this can be UTF-8 or any of the other charsets available in the dropdown. There were also improvements in importing invalidly specified synonyms, which previously resulted in broken synonyms in the index.

        Upgrade details to V6 can be found here.
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