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meta info for plugins not working?

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  • meta info for plugins not working?

    I use zoomsearch for our intranet which contains lots of html files, but also many more .doc, .ppt, .xls, .pdf, etc. They all seem to be indexed correctly, but I'd like the meta information for the title to be displayed on the results page instead of the file name. I have the box to use meta information for plugins checked, but it still just displays the file name.

    Any suggestions?


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    You posted in the V4 forum. Are you really using the old V4 release? You should upgrade.

    Do the documents actually contain any meta data? How are you setting the meta data?

    You can also use .desc files (external to the office documents) to set the meta data if required. But I can't remember if this feature was in V4 or not.


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      Yes, we're hoping to upgrade in the next couple of months. When I add a title to the other documents, I right-click on the file and enter the information in the properties summary tab. We have thousands of documents so adding a .desc file for each one is not a viable option even if it would work on v. 4.


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        For PDF files, DOC, PPT, etc. they have their own internal document information which you can normally edit from Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, etc.

        Usually from the File menu, "Properties" or "Document Properties" or similar.

        In various versions of Windows, you can add properties to files by right clicking on them in Windows Explorer. But how this is stored or whether it is stored internally in the file depends on the version of Windows you are using. And generally is not the best way to go about it.

        On Vista here, I can see that it at least seems to pick up the properties from a DOC file.

        But some of the properties are "stream properties" and Microsoft has been changing their support of this from version to version.

        This article is a good indication of what happens with this sort of meta information:

        So we would recommend you add meta information for your files the "proper" way, which is to add them within the program that creates them. Acrobat for PDF, Word for DOC, Excel for XLS, and so on.
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          I operate a TV footage business and one of my pages contains descriptions of the shots I have. For example I have 15 shots of John Kennedy. I have tested 8 search engines on my site (ie, Zoom) and they only go to the first Kennedy reference and ignore the next 14. Does anybody have any recommendations for a search engine for my site?

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            Rather than having all your content on a single page you might be better off having the content on several pages.

            If you do want to keep all your content on a single page, have a look at the jump and highlighting feature in Zoom. It should somewhat resolve your issue.


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              Well after installing the newest version of WordPress I have added the Meta Tag plugin (several of them) and well none work..for example the Another Meta Tag you can add the meta description and keywords for the main page, but for individual posts it does not their other meta tag plugins that work with the newest version of wordpress?


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                You posted in the V4 forum. Are you really using the old V4 release? You should upgrade.

                Wordpress is not our product. You would be better off posting this in the Wordpress forums, as this would be where the Wordpress experts hang out.


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                  ooo sorry ..ok then..ths