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    i absolutely love the work you have done , however I'm a little bit confused. i wish to rank my websites php pages ahead of my pdf files, for that i wrote the following script ... i want it to be like this exhibition and portable display website i was looking at .
    <meta name="ZOOMPAGEBOOST" content="5">
    but after doing so the pdf pages are still on not sure what is that im doing wrong . :S
    any help would be greatly appreciated . am i meant to be changing their names or restarting the server for further improvement or for this to take effect ?

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    You posted in the V4 forum. We don't support V4 anymore.

    If you are really using V4, then can you try upgrading to either V5, V6 or V7.

    After making changes to the weightings you do need to re-index the site. But there is never any need to restart the server itself.

    If you still have the problem in V6 or V7 then we can have a look at it in more detail.