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    Were working vbulletin as well as zoom, as well as we wish to incorporate an index of links in order to webpages through the rest your site (outside connected with vbulletin) which could relate to your vbulletin thread.

    For example, if the thread is usually called 'What TV SET model is best? i An individual ought to observe links to your webpages connected with TV SET model reviews.

    I seemed to be asking yourself in case there seemed to be a method to receive Zoom lens to make this happen processing? I seemed to be visualizing I could submit the content as well as title of the thread in order to zoom somehow, after which it zoom seems to be through it is directory as well as profits an end result established towards the web site.

    I do believe I could possibly get it done making use of ajax possibly, although I seemed to be imagining there can be many local operation connected with zoom that may get it done.

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    I am sorry, your question makes no sense to me.


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      I think he's asking about functionality that would do an autosearch based on title and display relevant links


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        Zoom indexes and search page titles. What would an "autosearch" involve?

        I've re-read the original post several times but English is obviously not the OP's native language, and it is very difficult to understand. Perhaps they used a translation program.

        If I were to take a stab in the dark, and hopefully be relevant, I can say that the CGI version of Zoom can output XML results. So you could use Ajax or some other scripting method to send a query to the Zoom CGI, parse the XML results (it is actually returned in OpenSearch format) and you can then re-format or present the results to the end user in any way you see fit.
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          Translation programs leave much to be desired!