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Minor html errors in zoom search results

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  • Minor html errors in zoom search results

    The img tag Zoom generates for filetype images needs a closing / in order to be fully xhtml-1.0 compliant (

    <img src="img.gif" alt="" class="result_image"> should be

    <img src="img.gif" alt="" class="result_image" />

    Apparently the html tag should also include a couple of attributes, e.g. <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en"> rather than just <html>

    Fixing these points would help us plough through other html errors in our own pages. Grateful if you could check and confirm. Thanks for v6 - splendid.

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    You can edit the HTML tag yourself in the search_template.html file. See also,
    As the correct tag depends on your language, it makes sense that you set it whatever makes sense for your site.

    Regarding the missing "/" for XHTML in image links, we are only fixing critical bugs over Christmas. But we are planning a significant patch release for mid Jan 09 to fix a bunch of minor issues like this.


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      This bug will be fixed for the upcoming V6.0 build 1005 release scheduled to be made available in the next few days.

      When it is ready, you will find it available for download here:
      Wrensoft Web Software
      Sydney, Australia
      Zoom Search Engine