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Description tags in XML search results?

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  • Description tags in XML search results?

    Hey - next question. CGI search results are showing META descriptions in HTML mode, but are not returning them in XML mode. How can they be shown?

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    What is a URL to an example page so we can see what meta data is available.

    Could it be that your browser is just not displaying some of the information in the XML feed? Not all browsers display XML well.

    See also these past posts on the topic


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      This can be reproduced with Generate an index containing meta descriptions in the free version; deploy to Linux; search for "tech reviews". The META DESCRIPTION shows up when zoom_xml=0 but not zoom_xml=1 (confirmed with wget, so that browser XML rendering is not the issue here).


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        We still have people away this week for Christmas. So as we have limited staff this week, it will be next week before we can follow this steps to try and reproduce your problem.


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          This bug will be fixed for the upcoming V6.0 build 1005 release scheduled to be made available in the next few days.

          When it is ready, you will find it available for download here:

          Wrensoft Web Software
          Sydney, Australia
          Zoom Search Engine