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Strangely large file size values in results?

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  • Strangely large file size values in results?

    Most/all of the results I get through CGI, for any spider source, XML or HTML, have corrupted file size values - values like "6600192k", "3771136k", etc. I expect these to be more like "3k", "12k" etc.

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    I just checked. You are correct in that the files sizes don't appear to be correct. But in my testing, the numbers are right, but the units are wrong. It is a bug in the CGI.

    6600192k should be 6600192 bytes, or 6.6MB

    We are only fixing critical bugs over Christmas. But we are planning a significant patch release for mid Jan 09 to fix a bunch of minor issues like this.


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      When I strip out the "k" values the numbers still do not make sense. Result file sizes are being reported in the 700kb-10MB range when they really should be more like 7k-100k.


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        Yes, looking at this in more detail, it appears to be a buffer overflow bug. You probably have some long data in one of the other fields that overwrites the file size values. So the number will in fact be somewhat random

        Nevertheless it is still a bug we need to fix.


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          We have fixed this bug for the upcoming V6.0 build 1005 release scheduled to be made available in the next few days. You will find it available for download here:

          Wrensoft Web Software
          Sydney, Australia
          Zoom Search Engine


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            I've verified the fix, thank you.