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  • Zoom Search v6 Install

    Greetings! Aside from the Users Guide is there a location we can visit for common installation (server side) issues? For instance, I indexed my site w.o. any errors or problems, uploaded via built in ftp and when I enter a simple term in the search (php) field, I get a return page of HTTP 500? Is there a way to "test" of indexing procedure to make sure it was a good index ( other than logs)? Can you tell looking at the index files if they were generated correctly? Also, it seems when I index only the main site no problem but when I add our member folder ( http password protection info entered in Zoom) that's when I get this message. I am a new user so very sorry for all the questions but I really need a little assistance. I am very small website. We are trying to index html catalog pages of music and movies (around 10,000 pages). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. Rick

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    Take a look at the Support/FAQ section of the website for the most common issues:

    A HTTP 500 error is unusual for PHP. Is your web server running Apache or IIS?

    Is the site online where we can take a look at it?

    Can you give us more detailed description of the problem, such as including the actual error message; the search query entered which invokes this message; etc.

    Also, it may help if you confirm what version of PHP is installed on your server.
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