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how to prevent the zoom_pagedata.zcfg file from donwloading

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  • how to prevent the zoom_pagedata.zcfg file from donwloading

    The zoom_pagedata.zcfg file can be directly accessed and downloaded by the end users. This file is not encrypted and contains all the urls in the index. How to prevent this? I checked some of the example sites, it seems that they have renamed this file. How to do this?

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    This should be achieved via server configuration.

    For example, if you are using Apache, you could place the following ".htaccess" file in the same folder to block public access to any files with the .zdat extension in that folder:

    <FilesMatch "\.(zdat)$">
       Deny from all
    Consult the documentation for your web server for more information.
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      I think Ray missed the fact that you are refering to the ZCFG file and not the ZDAT file. But the solution can work for both file types.

      But I don't see why it is a problem for anyone to know the files in the index. These URL's will be displayed when a search is done in any case.


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        Thanks for the solution. I will try it. I mistyped the file extension, it should be zdat.