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Can I use Zoom to Build a Business Directory Search Engine

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  • Can I use Zoom to Build a Business Directory Search Engine

    I just purchased the v6 Zoom Search and wanted to know how to index only the external links instead of the page itself for a Business Directory website. Is this Possible. If anyone can help, please advice.

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    Yes. You can use Zoom to follow external links. There are various ways to do this depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve and how you have the links available.

    Consult the Users Guide and read up on these features:

    - Additional start points (so you can specify multiple websites or import a list of sites)
    - Look at the "Index page and follow internal and external links" spidering option that you can specify for any start point.
    - Look up how the "Base URL" works and how this defines whether a link is considered to be "internal" or "external". You can specify multiple base URLs for any single start point.
    - You can control what pages are indexed using the Skip Pages list, or the start point option to "Follow links only" or meta robots tags.
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