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Adjustments Needed Based on Errors

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  • Adjustments Needed Based on Errors

    I am just switching to Version 6. In this version I am receiving some error messages that suggest I need to adjust some parameters before indexing.

    First, I have several of these errors:

    [Office 2007 plugin error] Plugin exceeded execution timeout. Office 2007 file may be corrupted or invalid. (

    There is nothing wrong with this file. It downloads and opens without problem. It is however, 18.7 MB in size. I have the naximum file size set to 20024, which reports as 19.55 MB. Is there a time parameter I need to chnage as well.

    Another file reports this error:

    Can not write file D:\Work\Chipps\Web Site\Index\Zoom Files\ (Error code: 32)
    Failed to write plugin file to disk:

    I do not see anything in the Help section on this.

    Any suggests would be appreciated.

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    The first timeout problem was fixed in release V6.0 build 1005 so you should upgrade to build 1005

    Error code 32 means the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. Can you see if you still get this error after the upgrade, as it might be linked to the first problem.

    Does the error always occur on the same file(s) or is it random?

    If you do still see the error, then we might need to get a copy of your log file.


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      That solved the problems. Thanks.