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PDF metadata not indexed

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  • PDF metadata not indexed


    I tried to solve this on my own for too long. Need help ...

    Trying to index just PDFs for my search page. The search can find words within PDFs, but nothing on the metadata. I inserted a test word in the title part of the PDF, but the search cant find it. I checked all setting by searching the forum, but nothing works.


    If you search for Baileys, the report comes up. If you see the title says cTechnicalReport. If I search for cTechnicalReport, it cant find the same report. I tried different words in the title field and still doesnt work. Please help.


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    Follow up ...

    If I index the same documents in spider mode, the metadata gets indexed. Unfortunately, since the PDFs are large, I rather index from the local folder if possible.



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      I tried to have a look at your site via the IP address, but the site appears to be down. I just got this error for all pages on your site,
      The server at is taking too long to respond

      PDF titles are indexed in spider mode and offline mode. This assumes you have checked the "Retrieve interbnal metadata" box, which is in the configuration window for the PDF file extension in the Scan options window.

      Also in the Indexing options configuration window make sure you are indexing page titles.


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        examples provided now

        Hello again. My problem is not solved yet. I now created two examples. For both tests I used the exact same settings. The first link was for a form created by the spider option. The second one with the offline mode.

        If you search for the keyword gData, the first one (spider mode) will find it in a few reports. The second one will not. For some reason, the offline mode is not indexing the keywords within the PDFs.



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          We have confirmed that this is a bug in the current release. Offline Mode is not indexing meta keywords nor meta descriptions from plugin files (but titles are indexed).

          This will be fixed in the next release (V6.0 build 1009).
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            I spent hours trying to figure this out. Good to know it wasn't something I did wrong. Andrew.