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Adjust new window size in Zoom?

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  • Adjust new window size in Zoom?


    I'm trying out the trial version before buying and have 2 question.

    1) When you click on the links from the results page after searching, is there a way to limit the size of the new popup window.

    For example, you can use javascript when setting up regular links in your website to open a new window on your browser and specify the size of the window, remove toolbar, scrolling, etc, etc.

    Can you do this to the links generated from the search on Zoom.

    The reason I ask is because I plan to use Zoom to search image files (swf, etc) on my website and when they click on the results from the search, I want them to show the image file in there original size in the new window and not stretch the image/swf file in the new browser window which will happen by default in any browser.


    Is there a way when they click on the image file link from the results page from the zoom search, to show the image swf file inbetween an "div" tag so that the image file can be confined inbetween that div layer so the image file does not stretch and is shown in the original size.

    2) Does the page limit in the different versions apply to the number of images, pdf, swf, etc. that you can index.

    Thank you,
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    We don't supply any scripts to resize the browser window, nor remove the scroll bar, etc..

    If you did have such a script and that script could run from the window that was opened (as opposed to the Window that did the opening) then that would work OK.

    You might be able to use "rewrite links" function in the Zoom indexing options widow to change the image URL from a normal URL into a Javascript call. But I suspect the URL transformation might be too complex for the simple search and replace function offered by this function.

    You could also consider modifiyng a few lines of our script to replace the URLs in search results with Javascript calls.

    Maybe you should not index images directly, but instead index HTML pages the images on the HTML pages. This would allow you to put them in div tags, etc..

    The page limit is per file.
    1 HTML page = 1 page
    1 Image = 1 page
    1 PDF file = 1 page