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  • search fails for larger search terms


    We've been using Zoom with great success for a number of years until...

    In the last month or two we have found that after indexing, when we searched, the resulting screen was blank. Conveniently we have some Javascript guys at work and they looked at the error, found an odd double quote in the zoom_index.js file, deleted that and all was good.

    Next time it got worse and we now can search for rare words and they appear just fine, but a common word again brings back a blank page. The debug console shows a unhelpful error about
    "TypeError: pageinfo[ipage] is undefined[Learn More] search.js:681:1" But this time our Javascript guys weren't able to decipher it easily.

    We've been using this for a while, so I'm more than happy to pay you guys $99 for an upgrade to V7 as long as I have some idea that it will fix the problem, but right now I am struggling to even work out what info to provide to help you tell me that?

    Cheers in advance,

    We are using V6 creating a javascript index btw

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    We aren't fixing bugs in V6 anymore (assuming it is in fact a bug) and not invalid HTML on the pages being indexed, or not a browser issue where the browser is hitting some memory limit. (did you try with a different browser?)

    Can you try using the free trial of V7, it only indexes 50 pages, but that should be enough if the problem is linked to particular words / pages.

    If it doesn't work in V7, then Zip up the entire set of index files and E-mail it to us (or post a link where we can download the Zip file).

    If it is a bug in V7, then we'll fix it promptly.


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      I tried and all seemed OK, so bought the new one and will try shortly.

      Hopefully all OK, but if not I will email as requested.