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Indexing does not work anymore

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    Thank you Ray, let me try to answer the concerns one by one:

    1) You're right, I had not properly copied over the "advanced" tab when installing v7. And then I couldn't find the field right away. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I am currently re-indexing, hopefully that will solve the first problem.

    2) When I add https redirect in htaccess the output is "gibberish" in all cases.

    3) Indexing https works but the results are the same as when indexing http. Ie. when the htaccess redirect to https is on the search results page shows "gibberish".

    4) Correct, I seem to be able to index w/ v7 even when htaccess is redirecting to https. (but I didn't go through with the entire test since the indexing the site takes about half an hour).

    It seems that the problem now is just that the cgi-bin is not executing properly when the htaccess is on. Is this assumption accurate?



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      In which case, we go back to the points for this particular problem from before:

      Originally posted by Ray View Post
      Problem 2:
      Your search results render as gibberish when redirect to SSL is enabled. [Shown in screenshot attached to your most recent post.]

      Answer 2:
      • We can see in the screenshot that, first of all, you have a PHP page (infomed_search.php). I presume this is executing a CGI, capturing the output and displaying it on the page (presumably like the wrappers described in our support page here. Let us know which method is being used, and if otherwise).
      • There is quite possibly complications with redirections to SSL and whether PHP is set up to execute a CGI when running under SSL.
      • The "gibberish" actually looks like a binary dump of the 'search.cgi' file. This means it is failing to execute the CGI and your PHP code is causing it to simply dump the contents of the CGI file.
      • Interestingly, going to causes the CGI file to download (with either http or https). This means it isn't setup to be executed properly. However, I can't confirm if this is the actual CGI file you are calling from infomed_search.php, or a stray copy from a previous setup attempt.

      The second problem is very unlikely to be fixed by upgrading to V7. It is almost definitely a web server configuration issue.
      Please verify the first point and if or how your infomed_search.php is executing the CGI.
      Please verify the location of your CGI file, and try to launch this directly via your browser via both http:// and https://

      If the above indicates that the "search.cgi" file cannot be executed for some reason, please check with your web host regarding your web server configuration.

      It is also likely that if your "infomed_search.php" script is attempting to execute the "search.cgi" file, you will have to verify if PHP (or Apache) has permission / proper configuration to execute the CGI when it is running under the SSL configuration. Again, this can be checked by your web server administrator or web hosting company.

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        Hi again,

        It looks like everything is working properly now, thanks for your assistance in this

        I've asked the hosting co to explicitly allow the execution of scripts in the /cgi-bin/ directory and that seems to have done the trick. The htaccess redirect is now switched back on and the results are as per expectation. Indexing seems to be working properly as well.

        Just to be clear, we could run the search under SSL even before, just not when the redirect was on. Somehow the redirect in htaccess and the (missing?) permissions on the directory broke the output.

        Is it fair to say that the error had nothing to do with the Zoom version?