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  • Design Question (Title, Fulltext)

    Hi all,

    I have a demand to search :
    a. titles of articles
    b. titles and subtitles of articles (zoomstop option)
    c. full text of articles

    Since I cannot find out how to achieve this ( to have a search page with this 3 options in a drop down list and the according indexing technics) I kindly ask everybody if this is achievable with ZSE, and if so, then how?



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    The default behaviour is to index all this text. Then when you search it also searches all this text.

    You can also decide just to index the titles of the pages, (in the <title> tag, for a HTML document) and then the search will just be on the title. So you could have 2 search forms using 2 sets of index files.

    You could also use custom meta tags to define and then search extra text fields. See the Users Guide for details.


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      Yes, I also thought that is what could be a solution... 3 sets of search with 3 indexes, right? So, 3 extra small frames in the corner, made in a manner that nobody notices there are 3 frames. That might be a solution.
      I must test it to see if it appears seriously (most important) and what overhead it introduces in maintaining source html and also if a combination of meta description is advantageous then one extra <!--ZOOMSTOP--> -ed index and search form.

      Thank you very much for the reply. It is not very easy to find out what one (novice) can make with the ZSE or not. So I appreciate your support very much.

      Thanks again,