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<body onload="location.href='#'">

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  • <body onload="location.href='#'">

    I have been using <body onload="location.href='#'"> for my DNN website where I utilize IFrames for Zoom Search.

    The problem :

    Usually when I need to navigate to another result of searches, on clicking the next page list shows the bottom half of the page instead of showing the top of the page.

    On reading the DNN support available in the website I included locatin.href='#' to my search_template.html, which works fine for IE but not for FireFox which is kinda weird.

    The IFrame module in DNN does provide an onload function which works fine for both browsers but each time the search query disappears from the search bar.

    Is there a work around this?

    The website in mention is a local host...

    Many thanks,

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    This appears to be a known issue with Firefox. Try googling for "location.href firefox".

    Here is an article that suggests using location.replace('#'); instead, for it to work on both browsers. You might want to give that a try. There appears to be a variety of workarounds and alternatives online with varying degrees of reported success.
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