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  • multiple startpoints

    Hey folks,

    I have a multisite set-up whereby each site gets its own subdomain. The problem is, I have no idea what these subdomains may be because users may create and delete the sites themselves. Is it possible for the Zoom configuration file to use a remote list of start points rather than have it embedded in the config? Or, might it be possible to script the creation of the config file whereby the contents get overwritten just prior to a scheduled indexing such that the list of start points is as current as possible?



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    The Zoom configuration file is a Unicode text file. So you could have your script carefully update this file before an indexing session.

    You could alternatively dynamically produce a page that was just a list of all possible pages to index (like a site-map in HTML format). Then direct Zoom at this page. You'll also need to tell Zoom to index external sites (from the start point options) if you do this.


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      Thanks. The former solution sounds like the easiest. The latter won't be desirable because I have no control over what external links may appear in the many subdomains. Ideally, if the config file could use an external text file that contains a list of starting points (similar of course to the import option), this would be very desirable. That way, I wouldn't run the risk of botching the config file in a script and the text file creation could more easily be scripted.
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        The SDK contains a document that describes the config file format. But it is pretty simple, so you might not need the SDK.