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Just upgraded -- no search results

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  • Just upgraded -- no search results

    I probably missed a step somewhere... maybe someone can suggest a possible answer. I am using the CGI search on Windows.

    I upgraded to version 6, installed all the plugins, and added the new phrase to my custom language file. Then I opened my old config file, made a few tweaks and re-indexed my site. After copying my index files to my server, I started getting an error indicating a corrupt settings.zdat file. Then it occurred to me that I had not copied the updated search.cgi file, so I did that and tried again. Now, I am getting no errors but it is not returning any results when I do a search.

    I have created an wrapper for the CGI file under version 5.1. Will I need to do that over again? Any other possible issues I might have missed? (I know about the new version, but for now I want to stick with what I have if possible.)
    Pete Koutoulas Fayette County Public Schools Lexington, KY

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    You should not need to update your ASP.NET wrapper.

    Yes, you did have to update the search.cgi and make sure all the "Required files" listed at the end of indexing are uploaded. When you say there are no results, do you mean that it says "No results found" for any searches you make, or that the CGI appears to stop prematurely before it displays any results?

    Have you tried accessing the CGI directly just to eliminate any potential problems with the ASP.NET wrapper?

    If you can give us the URL to the search page in question, we can take a closer look.
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      Thanks for the reply, Ray. Because I needed to get this fixed fast, I decided to re-index the site with the older version and use the old CGI, so everything is working again.

      Next week I plan to try this again, on a test server this time. I'll let you know what I find.
      Pete Koutoulas Fayette County Public Schools Lexington, KY