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  • Highlighting - Jump to page

    Jump was working fine however since I have finished maintance on the site and uploaded the site again I cannot get the jump to work with highlighting. The index is working but when jumping to a page all the text disappears leaving just the images, header, menu etc.

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    I can't reproduce the problem going to that URL in the screenshot from either IE 8 or Firefox 3. The text shows up and highlights fine.

    Perhaps you're looking at a cached copy of the page? Or have you fixed it since your post?

    Another possibility is if you checked the page while you were uploading the files, and the script was only partially uploaded at that time. And then it got cached and you keep seeing the broken page.
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      Highlight Jump

      Thanks Ray: the problems sorted. I Uninstalled then reinstalled Zoom and now everything seems OK. I don't know what the problem could have been but it's sorted now so no worries.
      Great Product and good support.