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pdf files showing .indd extension in result title

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  • pdf files showing .indd extension in result title


    I have site with several hundred pdf files. When I do a search for "bear", for example, the pdf files in the results are showing with an .indd extension and a different file name than the one provided is also showing up from nowhere. However, when I look at the link provided in the results, the correct file name and extension is present: _and=0

    I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced this and found a way to fix this and/or why this is happening.



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    The first result in your example search was "cover page_TBphoto.indd". This is the title of your PDF document.

    If you open your document, PRFO-2004-Proceedings-p105-116-Obbard-and-Walton.pdf in Adobe reader, then select File / properties form the menu in the reader you can see the title "cover page_TBphoto.indd".

    This probably means that the PDF file was created from the Adobe InDesign product and noboby bothered to set a better title than the name of the InDesign project file.

    So there are a couple of solutions. You can either fix the title in the PDF file. This is the best option. Or you can override the title using a Zoom .desc file. See the Zoom user's guide for details of .desc files.


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      Hmmm - this is very strange. All of the pdf files have recently been renamed both in terms of file name and in the properties so the correct titles and names appear when I open the files in Acrobat on my desktop. However, after they were all uploaded to the website, and I do a search for them, they have somehow reverted back to their original indd format including titles - this is when I view them in Reader. There are over 600 pdfs and since they have already been renamed, this doesn't seem to be the answer. I believe all the files derive from InDesign files originally, but I cannot even open them in InDesign to do a possible conversion (invalid file type).

      I am going to have to look into this further. Using a Zoom .desc file is certainly possible, but it seems like double the work and for over 600 files, there has to be an easier way. I suspect there is some kind of discrepancy between how the files were saved used Acrobat vs. how they are read in Reader.



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        The files currently on the web site, when I checked yesterday, were definitely wrong.

        Maybe the new ones weren't really uploaded, or they were uploaded to a different folder. Or both the new and the old ones are now on the server, with different file names.


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          Yes, they are incorrect when viewed on the site. And the properties show incorrectly too.

          So I downloaded them all and compared them to the original files I uploaded. When I view them in Reader and Acrobat on my desktop they are correct. It's only when I view them online in Reader that they are incorrect.

          I have also verified that the correct file versions have been uploaded to the site. I cannot seem to identify the problem and therefore cannot solve it.


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            For anybody who has the same problem, it appears to be an "issue" with Adobe/InDesign ( I have not found a good solution yet, but will post it if I do.