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Ability to change number of items per page?

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  • Ability to change number of items per page?

    Is there a way to change the default number of items to display from 10 to something else?

    Without using <input type="hidden" name="zoom_per_page" value="xxx"> ?


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    Could always modify the code. But what's the problem with using the Zoom_per_page value to set the number of items?


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      Thank you for the reply.

      I've already found the code in the 'search.asp' page.

      The reason I objected to adding the hidden tag is I already had multiple pages with the search form in it, and didn't feel like going through each page to add the hidden tag.


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        Typically the search form will appear near the top of each page in a page header.
        And for most sites there will be only a single common header file (and footer), that is included in all the pages. So only a single edit would be required to the form.

        By editing the script you are running the risk that when we do the new patch release or upgrade your changes will be overwritten.


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          I was looking for this solution as well. However I did the above and it's still showing the same amount of results. Any ideas? It's for my site.


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            What is the URL of the Zoom search function?