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new page title not indexed

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  • new page title not indexed

    I've used Zoom for several years and love it.

    Recently, I changed the title of one of my pages -- I changed both the TITLE tag and the H1 tag.

    I put the new page up on my site, verified the new page title showed up to visitors on their browsers, and re-indexed the site.

    However, the new title of the page doesn't show up in the search results, rather the old title still appears.

    The page is at

    The old title "Free Complete Toolkit for Boards" is what keeps showing up in the search results.

    I've never experienced this before.

    Any ideas of what's happening here?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Did you upload the new set of index files to your site?
    Did you upload the files to the correct location on your server?
    Where there any errors in the Zoom log for this page?
    Could the old file have been cached. You can turn of caching in Zoom from the "Spider options" configuration window.


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      Good questions ...

      I did upload all the new set of index files and did refresh my cache.

      BUT I did get the search results to include the new file, so it's fixed.

      I completely deleted the set of index files from up on the website.

      I disk a Disk Cleanup on my computer.

      I re-ran a new index and uploaded the files, and it works.

      Thank you!