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HELP!!!!, WITH "possible unmatched quote characters"

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  • HELP!!!!, WITH "possible unmatched quote characters"

    Hi friends, please somebady help me, when i start to indexing the website, the zoom search, say that the html is invalid and not index it well, and when i search for the words in the results dont highlight them, and i need that the word appear hightlighting.
    Please help

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    For highlighting, see this FAQ
    Q. How do I enable highlighting?

    For the unmatched quote warning. It means the HTML on the page in question doesn't conform to the HTML standards. e.g. you have a typo of syntax error on the page.

    You didn't post the URL for the page in question, so we can't tell you exactly what is wrong. But if you run the page through the official validator there is a fair chance it will point out some errors on the page.

    The highlighting issue and the quote character issue are most likely unrelated to each other.