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mixture of directories and files

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  • mixture of directories and files

    I am trying to achieve a search through one specific directory (/documents/) on my web site and a number of specific files in the root and other directories by specifiing this in 2) Start spider from this URL, but the search actually ignores the files in /documents/ and goes for the specific files specified instead, yet when I JUST specify /documents/ it is fine and indexes them.

    I am using a Professional registered version of the product.

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    What exactly did you enter into the start spider field?
    And what was the base URL?

    Looking at the log might also give some hint of what is going on.

    Maybe you need multiple start points (click on the More button to add more).


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      I have a directory in my web site called /documents which contains a number of pdf, doc, xls and ppt files which I want to be able to let visitors search through. These can only be searched if I create multiple lines in the [more] box listing each individual file. It seems to want a starting URL but it is documents not web pages I am trying to index and search.


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        If you have directory listings turned on on your server, then including just the folder name as a single entry is enough in Zoom.

        For example for the Apache web server, see this FAQ

        Another option is to use a directory listing script, or have a simple index.html page that contains a list of links to the documents.