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Different default for category search?

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  • Different default for category search?

    Is there a way to make something other than "All" be the default for category searches?

    I would like the default search on my site to be the web pages themselves, with separate categories for press releases & SEC documents, and the "All" category as another option (just not the default option).

    Is this possible?

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    You can specify your own custom search form,

    Q. How do I add a simple search box to each page of my site?
    Q. How do I put search forms on different pages of my website? (Or define my own search form?)

    To have the search default to a different category:

    -If no category dropbox is displayed, you can specify an input as type "hidden", i.e. "<input type="hidden" name="zoom_cat" value="some_number">" where some_number is the index for the category you wish to default to.

    -If the a category dropdown box is displayed, have that "<option>" be selected, i.e. "<option value="some_number" selected="selected">default_category</option>"