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Strange Characters in Search Box when passing text

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  • Strange Characters in Search Box when passing text

    I have a search box that sits on the top of every page. When a user puts text in to search on, it passes it to the zoom indexer. This works great for english, however for other languages I seem to get strange characters added which causes the indexer to return no results.

    If I however, run the same search on the main zoom search page then I am able to find the results i'm looking for.

    Any ideas on what is causing the strange characters to be passed to the zoom search script from my simple search form?

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    Updated Info

    I just noticed that my search box is passing the URL string with strange characters in it. That has to be the problem.

    When searching on système it should be passing this


    but instead it appears to be passing that string as


    Any ideas?


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      The script searchfr.asp is not our script. So hard to comment on what it does.

      But encoding of characters in the URL is normal.

      For example a space character is not legal in a URL, and should be encoded to "%20".

      How the coding is performed depends on the character set in use. You might want to check you are using the same character set everywhere. e.g. UTF-8.